What Video Game Podcasts should I listen too?


With the layoffs at 1UP and EGM all their podcasts have been suspended or ended. There has been news that 1UP yours might still continue as the host Garnett Lee is still at there but others such as Lan Party and 1UP FM can’t continue with all of the hosts fired. 

So due to this I removed all of the 1UP network podcasts from my itunes and started searching for more podcasts to fill the void. I am already listening to (click to subscribe):

The Giant Bombcast (now my favourite)

Cheapass Gamer

The Video Game Show

Orange Lounge Radio

Shows that I am trying out are GamerTag Radio, Video Game Outsiders, Gamers with Jobs.

The Video Game Show and Gamertag radio are part of the Gamercast Network. Orange Lounge Radio and Video Game Outsiders are part of the All Games Network. Both are independent podcast/radio video game networks.


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  1. Just a few of the 1up crew are doing a new podcast at http://www.eat-sleep-game.com/news/. It’s their first and basically they’re talking about the layoffs. Expect more from the former EGM/1up team.

    Also, I listen to Video Game Outsiders, and I like it. It’s not the best, but the personalities are fun to listen to. Downside is, because they are outsiders, they usually get info a little late and repeat stuff that other professional podcasts already mention.

  2. we’ve got one you can check out – monster closet, been around for a few months. enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, I’m checking them out now.

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