DS Gaming: The World Ends With You


The World Ends with You is a game for the Nintendo DS published by Square Enix and developed jointly by Jupiter and Square Enix. Jupiter has previously worked on Picross DS and Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories for the GBA and PS2. Tetsuya Nomura the famous Final Fantasy (7, 8 and 10) and Kingdom Hearts character designer worked on this as well. The game is an action RPG with an innovative battle system that used the stylus in combination with the face buttons. 

To me this was the best DS game of 2008 closely followed by Professor Layton. It was one of the few DS games I actually played through to the end. Every aspect of the game is well put together from the excellent music and art style to the combat system. It is an overlooked game especially with the amount of RPG fans and DS owners out there.


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