Top 25 video game websites

Right now the top video game websites based on traffic are:

  1. Gamespot
  2. IGN
  3. Gamefaqs
  4. Gamesradar
  5. UGO
  6. GameTrailers
  7. CheatCC
  8. 1up
  9. Gamespy
  10. Filefront

I know traffic data is not the perfect way to determine the top sites but it does give us some interesting data. Gamespot is still strong as ever followed by IGN. Two of the sites are dedicated to cheats (gamefaqs and cheatcc). Gamesradar is doing well, a site I have never visited. In terms of who owns these websites CBS interactive (1,3), IGN (2,9), Hearst (5,8), Future Publishing (4) are the main players in the space. 

In terms of pure blogs Kotaku is 11th, Joystiq is 16th and Destructoid is 19th. 

Full list is at courtesy of EBIZMBA.


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