Asus EEE PC 1000H or MSI Wind U100

EEE PC 1000HMSI WInd 100U


I need new lightweight laptop and I can’t seem to choose between the two. I’m considering 10 inch models with windows XP and an atom processor. I probably can’t go wrong with either. I am interested in hacking OSX onto the MSI Wind however the battery life is better on the EEE PC. Design, usability (keyboard, track-pad) and screen quality are things that you need to see in person to make a decision so I will have to go to a store to make my final decision.


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  1. hi, i’d like to see these 2 models in person too but in my area with the closing of Circuit City it leaves Best Buy only and the last time I was there a few weeks ago they only had 2-3 netbooks on display. and of course they were all locked down, which I understand so I am having a very difficult time coming to a decision. I read multiple blogs devoted to netbooks only and view all the reviews and videos posted.

    I would like to finalize my decision by week’s end. I will purchase online as that seems the only way to do it now.
    too bad there isn’t a “loan” service for a reasonable fee where we can take a netbook home and test drive it for a week or so
    good luck

  2. If you’re intending to use OS X as your main OS then get the MSI Wind — it’s the most compatible as of the present moment with OS X Leopard among the netbooks out there. But if you prefer a more solidly built netbook, by all means, get the Asus 1000H

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