The emergence of Raven Software

ravensoftwareFor Activision owned studio Raven Software 2009 will be the time where they come out in full force developing games for all major platforms. Wolfenstein, Singularity, X-men Origins: Wolverine and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are expected to be released over the next two years. They have a history of making solid high quality titles based on licensed properties (Star Wars, X-men) along with working with ID software (Quake 4, Hexen, Heretic).


Singularity has been previewed recently by the press and will their first new IP for a long time. Their past games on the current gen consoles came in 2005 and 2006 with their upcoming games for the first time will utilize the unreal 3 engine. It will be interesting how they will utilize the power for their first truly current generation games. They are a studio that has not disappointed with an average metacritic of around 82. Will their future games reach the high of their most recent universally acclaimed game Star Wars: Jedi Knight II?


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