Completed: Fallout 3


Took the time today to finish Fallout 3. I was waiting for the DLC that raised the level cap but I realised that it doesn’t make a significant difference. I finished all the side quests and went on to finish the remaining story quests. The graphics and exploration of post nuclear Washington DC are best parts of the game. In particular I enjoyed the story elements of how different people survived in the world such as in the vaults and in isolated communities.

Favourite Quests – Tenpenny Tower and Tranquility Lane

Favorite Weapons – MIRV, Rocket Launcher, Alien Blaster

Completion – All story and side quests. 880 Achievement points. I like the way the AP’s are mostly gained through playing the game normally and tracks quest completion. However I am not a fan of making you play the game more than once to get some of the achievements.

Time – 93 hours


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