Completed: Gears of Wars 2


I completed the single player campaign of GOW 2 over a much longer period that I expected (2+ months). At first I was playing co-op with a friend but found it hard to get it completed this way due to time issues. For some reason I found it hard to just sit down and blast through the game. I seem to have this problem with only FPS’s whereas other games and genres I finish them within a month.

The game is as straight forward of a sequel as you can get without any major overhauls. But this isn’t much of a problem because going into it you know what you are expecting and the game delivers on this front. I kind of regret paying full price for this as I know I won’t be playing any multiplayer. The area of Jacinto is impressive with the large open space and I wish more time was spent there or in areas¬†similar. Other than that I have nothing else to say about GOW 2.


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