Street Fighter 4 Thoughts

SF4 boxart

I’ve been playing SF4 for about a week after deciding to delay my purchase of it on release. My hesitations were about the genre (I have never seriously got into a fighting game), controller of the XBOX 360 and the price. Now that I have been playing it all week my hesitations are gone. The controller is fine for me (i use the analog stick), the price was zero (3 old game trade-ins) and I now appreciate the fighting genre.

The longevity of the game comes in its online mode which is simple but is basically all you need. Additionally I’m sure the game will be a staple for local multiplayer gaming sessions. I like the battle points systems and the collection of icons and titles. Character unlocking seems to be a big issue but for me it keeps me occupied when don’t want to play online.

This is a game I was not considering to pick up but have come to love it. I also picked up RE5 which I have the same sort of attitude towards. I’m close to finishing it so expect a Completed post soon.


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