Completed – Resident Evil 5


For me this has been one of my favorite co-op games that I have ever played. It is just a fun game where you can casually play through but end up finishing it with long hour sessions. I love just blasting down the infected and the RPG aspect of collecting and upgrading weapons. The graphics are amazing with both dark and light environments and a variety of settings.

Capcom know what their fans want and have included plenty of incentive to replay the game on higher difficulties along with extra costumes and unlockables such as unlimited ammo. And then there is the Mercenaries mode which I have played the first few stages of. There is a lot of gameplay which makes it a game well worth purchasing and not just for rental. If there is one positive of the Japanese making an action game is that they know how to make a game full of content despite not taking the risk to innovate on gameplay.

Completed – 10 Hours

Favorite Aspects – Graphics, upgrading weapons and unlockables.


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