Hideo Kojima admits to making up MGS as he goes along

hk xplay

On a recent X-play segment Adam Sessler interviews Hideo Kojima and this is what he says:

AS – Did you know how you would resolve Metal Gear Solid before starting MGS4?

HK – I have to say that I kind of made up the story while I was making MGS 4. Every time I made a metal gear and I’m going to end it its my final metal gear, I really mean it. When I was making MGS 2 I was thinking that it would be the end of the series. So yes by a miricle everything came to a grand finale in MGS4 but that was only by a miricle. You know creators are all liars right, its important to provide theses creative white lies to make a happy ending and I was happy to provide a nice ending for MGS4. I was sought of a liar from a certain point of view but I landed very perfectly and I was satisfied with that.

This explains why his games are so crazy and also why we shouldn’t take it too seriously.

Get the interview here (X-play itunes daily podcast link) its called All Access Interview with Hideo Kojima.


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  1. nice post. It’s pretty obvious the MGS stories were being made as the series progressed. Kojima barely escaped the mess by ending everything in MGS4.

  2. searingscarlet

    In a way this surprises me. What I love about the MG series is that they seemed to fore shadow things long before what they foreshadowed reveal themselves. The dormant period is not something I’ve ever seen before.

    Having said that, I love the crazy. That’s why I play Hideo Kojima games after all.

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