Completed – World Of Goo

world of gooWith my 360 sent in for E74 repair the only console system left has been the Wii. I have had a lot of fun playing World of Goo on the Wii, so much so that I finished it. This indicates how surprisingly good the game is despite being an indie PC/WiiWare title. It had probably kept me busy for 6-8 hours which is close to the length of a full retail game. It is well worth the money and if that hasn’t convinced you there are a lot of similarities of this game with Portal. It has the same sort of humour in the form of the Sign Painter (signs are placed throughout the levels) and provides the same sort of satisfaction when completing puzzles. But one disadvantage is that it is not a style of game play people are used to as in Portal which was similar to a FPS and Braid which was a platformer. Once you completed the beginning levels you will have no problem of understanding how the game is played.


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