Completed – Bioshock


I only just bought Bioshock a couple of months ago because when it was released I did not have an Xbox 360 at the time. I remembered playing the demo and for some reason was not impressed enough to buy the game. However I regret waiting so long to play this game.

I have finished the game and truly completed it with all 1100 achievement points. To do this I have to play on hard, turn off vita chambers and save all the little sisters among other things. I was struggling at first mostly due to the difficulty but as I got a hang of the plasmid and weapons I started to get drawn in to the game. It has a great atmosphere with interesting story and characters that encourage you to continue playing. The older time period mixed with steam punk technology and creepy genetic engineering is very unique and unlike other games I have played. It is still a horror FPS and like me if this puts you off you just have to give it time to immerse yourself into it. This game has helped me overcome my aversion to horror games and I am looking into playing other games in similar genres (Condemned 1 and 2, Silent Hill, Resident Evil).

Time Completed – I would say I took around 20-25 hours to finish, it would take less if played on the medium difficulty.


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