Xbox 360 – Games I always come back to

With the lack of games in the first half of 2009 (although I am looking forward to Bionic Commando) I am at the point that I have completed all the games I own. So I am going back to the games that I never get sick of playing switching between Street Fighter 4, Fifa 09 and Guitar Hero WT. I don’t think games that like these get enough credit for being able to maintain playability for months after their release. There are a lot of games out there that you play once and never pick up again.

The  games that do get long term play all involve some sort of online multiplayer. Games with great online multiplayer mode provide challenge to the player keeping them involved through continually improvement of their skills. For example in Fifa 09 there are skill points, leagues, tournaments that you can join,  and SF4 has their points systems and have recently include a championship mode. Both of these games have a strong online play base that makes it no problem getting a decent match. Another benefit for me to play these games is that I can listen to a podcast while playing without having to pause when I need to pay attention (such as for a cut scene or story moments).


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