Why I’m excited about Red faction Guerilla

red faction 360.jpgFirst of all to give it some context Red Faction Guerilla is a third person shooter with destructible buildings set on Mars. I was not interested in this game until I heard more about some of the features. The exact phrase that made me look forward to it was that it is basically a ‘Mass Effect’ style open world shooter. Early impressions from reviewers have been surprise at how fully featured and fun the game is. Maybe this is a symptom of low exceptions but I think that being a THQ published game it is not able to have the amount of marketing as other games.

The multiplayer also seems to do something different and provide a fun alternative to normal FPS’s such as COD and Halo with modes such as Wrecking Crew (who can cause the most destruction mode) and powerups such as jetpacks, super jumps & speed.  The multiplayer will have a progression levelling system which unlocks additional weapons at different levels. The single player is also expected to have a good amount of content that will probably offer 10-20 hours depending on how you play. Definitely picking up on release date in June.


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