Completed – Plants VS Zombies

plants vs zombies title screen

Completed the main adventure mode a few days ago but there is still plenty to do after this. There is surprisingly a lot of time you can spend in this game with puzzle, survival and mini game modes. These other modes put twists on the tower defence game genre such as making you attack as the zombies instead of defending or mixing up the game with bejewelled where you have to match the plants in addition to defending yourself from the zombies. I played it on the Mac, which runs fine, but it is also playable on a PC with Windows.

The screen-shot below shows you how the game is played. There are 5 lanes each with 9 slots that you can place plants to defend from waves of zombies. The currency in the game is the sun which falls regularly from the sky and you can plant sunflowers to generate sun. Before you start a stage you choose which plants you want to have available and there are a total of 48 different plants which you can unlock throughout the game. During the adventure mode you have to defend from zombies in the night, from you backyard (with a pool) and on the roof which require different combinations of plants.
plants vs zombies screenshot 1


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