Ridiculous Australian Xbox 360 Games on Demand Prices


Mass effect


Viva Pinata 2

Rockstar Table Tennis

Battlefield Bad Company

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga




Call of Duty 2

Sega Rally

Burnout Revenge

Need for Speed Pro Street

Saints Row


Viva Pinata


Perfect Dark Zero


Fight Night Round 3

Fifa 09

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Update – Pricing is getting better,


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  1. Microsoft would fail basic economics, I haven’t taken any economics and even I can see that they are screwing themselves by trying to exploit their customer-base.

    If they sell their digital downloads cheap they will get more customers and since it’s a digital download they would get to eat the cake and keep it, but since they try to be greedy they only get a few random customers and a (very) low revenue, How can a major corporation be this stupid?

    Then put the fact that they restrict the regions who can use the service and they lose even more customers, are they deliberately trying to lose money in some kind of tax-evasion plan?

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