Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution – iphone Version

Civilization Revolution iphone screenshot

Having not played a Civilzation game before I was excited to try this out after all the good recommendations for the Xbox 360 version. I remember trying to play Civ 1 or 2 back in the day but never seem to get a handle of what to do. Civilization Revolution is a turn based strategy and the aim is to win through one of the 4 different victory conditions.

Civilization Revolution iphone screenshot 3

I started playing the game like other turn based strategy games (Advanced Wars, FFT), focusing on building up my army and taking over all the other civilizations to win. At the lower difficulty levels this is easy to do but when I started playing at the Emperor difficulty I had to change my strategy. I like the variation in the way you can play and this iphone version is easy to get into despite not knowing anything about it going in. While the tutorial is kind of limited you will learn about what you can do after playing a few scenarios. I suggest starting off at the lower difficulties until you get a handle on how to play.

Civilization Revolution iphone screenshot 2

A well worthwhile purchase even at the higher end of iphone game price points.


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