App Recommendation – 7 iPhone Game Impressions

iBlast Moki

A physics puzzle game where you strategically place bombs to blast the creatures to the destination. 50+ different levels, starts getting challenging after 25 or so levels.


A fully featured real time strategy game that is a port of the well received Nintendo DS title. The 1.5 update added a crucial feature (saving during missions) that makes it much more playable since it takes a more than a couple of minutes to finish a level.

Sentinel 2

A tower defence games that differentiates itself with the inclusion of gates, other non tower weapons (missile attacks, robot drone attacks) and a wide range of towers. You also gain interest on the money you have not spent.

Meteor Blitz

A fun twin stick shooter on the iPhone that is reminiscent of PSN game Super Stardust HD on the PS3. You can upgrade various features of you ship which include speed, boost, cannon/fire/ice weapon and a gravity gun.

Ragdoll Blast

Another physics puzzler, this one involves shooting a rag doll out of a cannon to hit a target. 104 levels, the objects in the world have a great sense of weight and physics.

Ground Effect

A simple but fundamentally well done racer that is like Wipeout or F-zero, runs smoothly and utililises the tilt controls to steer the ship.

Beneath a Steel Sky

A point and click adventure that is not only long (some say 10 hours) but includes voice acting. It is a remastering of the PC version. Amazing value at AUD$1.19.

That wraps up the last 7 games I have purchased for my iPod touch. It should be noted that all where purchased during AUD$1.19/USD$1 sales. I would recommend all of them but it depends on your taste in games.


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