Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Impressions

This is my first time playing a COD game on XBOX360, and the first FPS that I have been playing online for more than a couple of hours. I’ve been playing this game to the extent that I won’t even consider picking up anymore games this year, even though I want to eventually play Assassin’s Creed 2.

Online Multiplayer

I have put over 50 hrs into online multiplayer and have reached level 63. I believe the max is level 70 and once you reach that you have the choice of rolling back to level 1. The initially overwhelming amount of choices and options made my head spin but the near perfect core FPS elements kept me playing till I understood what was going on.

The 3 things you have to understand are what kill streaks are, how the radar works and perks. Kill streaks are rewards you get when you string together kills without dying and are in the form air supports such as UAV’s, missiles, helicopters and planes. Alternatively there are death streaks which help you when you manage to die a couple of times without making any kills. The radar works quite differently from other FPS, the opposition players show up if they fire shots that aren’t silenced and once a UAV is launched all opposing players are visible. This leads to a heavy reliance on the radar. Perks are a range of enhancements to your weapons, speed, and visibility to others. For example the cold blooded perk allows you to not be seen by UAV’s and I usually pair this up with the ninja perk which makes your footsteps quiet and not show up on heartbeat sensors. Weapons, perks, kill streaks all unlock as you level and you are free to customise your load-out before matches.

The progression & addictive nature of the gameplay combined with well designed stages give MW2 multiplayer long term playability. It is hard to say but this is probably going to be the most popular online multiplayer game on the 360 taking over from the first MW.


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  1. I am a PC gamer, I also own a X360. I will be getting this for my PC regardless of no dedicated servers. I see it like food, if you have yet to try it you may like it, try the new system to see if it works before you bash it, if it fails on PC the IW will surely put in dedicated servers, its a bold move for IW but if they pull it off it could very well change they way PC games are played.

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