Podcasts Update – November

Here is a screenshot of the podcasts I am currently listening to.

Since my last update (June 09) –

I have become a huge fan of Adam Carolla, quickly becoming my favourite radio personality.

The Listen Up podcast has changed in personnel and name to 4 Guys 1UP, a step down in quality but hopefully David Ellis (new host) will grow into his new role.

Munchcast is on an extended hiatus, Leo Laporte has decided to focus on tech shows but is looking for another host to replace him.

Started listening to the Schnuthcast, a general geek podcast from the former host of the Weekly Anime Review Podcast.

Finally started listening to This American Life after repeated recommendations, as amazing as everyone says.

Started listening to a new podcast “The Tobolowsky Files”, started by David Chen from /film and actor Stephen Tobolowsky. A different style of podcast where Mr Tobolowsky is retelling tales from his life instead of the usual conversation format.

Started listening to This Week in Google, another TWiT network podcast from Leo Laporte with a superstar (in the blog world) cast of Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani. Amazed that Google is so influential that there is a weekly podcast.

The Good Grief podcast has changed it’s name to The Oddcast. Just a name change, no host changes.


Business Week’s weekly podcast on the making of its cover story is losing its host John Byrne (Executive Editor) after it’s merger with Bloomberg. Without John the podcast is boring and dry.

Systm – One of the longest running Revision 3 video podcasts ended after supposed budget, time and content issues.


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