Paris Sightseeing Guide

I’ll be off to Paris very soon so I thought I’d take some time to learn and plan out some places I will visit.

The Louvre (Courtesy of Benh LIEU SONG, CC Licence via Wikipedia)

The Louvre Museum – Triumphed as one of the largest museums in world the Louvre houses some of the world’s most famous paintings and statues (i.e. Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo). It is located in the Louvre Palace which was used as a former royal palace. Transport – Get off at Metro stop Palais Royal-Musee du Louvre.

Arc de Triomphe (Courtesy of Benh LIEU SONG, CC License via Wikipedia)

Arc de Triomphe – A huge ancient Roman arch commissioned by Napoleon and completed in 1836. Transport – Get of at Metro Stop Charles de Gaulle Etoile and take underground tunnel to the Arc.

Notre Dame Cathedral (Public Domain Image)

Notre Dame Cathedral – One of the most famous cathedrals in the world. French gothic architecture, built in 12 century and subsequently rebuilt and changed many times in history. Transport – Get of at Metro stop Cite.

Eiffel Tower (Courtesy of Benh LIEU SONG, CC License via Wikipedia)

Eiffel Tower – The most recognisable icon of Paris and France. There are 3 levels you can visit which offer different views of the city of Paris. Transport – Get off at the Metro stop Bir Hakeim.

Centre Pompidou – High tech architecture style construction completed in 1977. Most notably is the location for the Bibliotheque (Public Library) and the Museum of Modern Art. Transport – Metro stop Rambuteau.

Cite des Sciences et de I’Industrie – Largest Science Museum in Europe. Transport – Metro stop Porte de La Vilette.

Others – Napoleon’s Tomb, Palais Royal, Pantheon, Sainte-Chapelle,

Update – Another must see sight is the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. Transport – Metro stop Pere-Lachaise. (Thanks to commenter sartenada for pointing this out).

Alright theses are just some of the main attractions in Paris, expect more posts on Paris in the next few weeks.


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