Completed Games – Borderlands

DeveloperGearbox Software

Publisher 2K Games

Release Date – 10/20/2009

Genre – FPS & RPG

Completed game in around 30hrs (all quests complete) with the Siren character class. Played a bit online for 2nd play through, currently level 41.

One of the aspects of Borderlands I liked the most is the unique art style. It is referred to as the “concept art” style which is like cell shading but with a lot more visual flair. It stands out among other games and I feel it was important in giving its own personality.

The game plays like a very solid FPS. The shooting is fast paced and most of the time you are looking down the sights. The range of weapons include SMG, revolvers, repeaters (automatic pistols), rocket launchers, assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. The key RPG element of the game are these weapons which there are millions of different permutations. Things like fire rate, ammo, damage, elemental damage, and scope zoom can vary.

Problems -Basic skill progression as you level, you get one skill point every level gained to place on your skill tree. Useless shops, there are hardly any useful gear to purchase (all you really need from them are ammo). Low weapons models variety, for example all shotguns will look similar except for a different paint job.

Post completion tasks – Reach the level 50 cap, shouldn’t take too long if you play online in a group. Also there are currently two DLC packs out (From what I hear stick with the first one, the second is arena focused).

Game Success – Sequel has been comfirmed. Over 2million copies sold on PC, XBOX360 and PS3 combined.


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