Completed Games – Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

Developer Insomniac Games

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date – 10/23/2007

Genre – Platformer, Action/Adventure

Out of all the games I picked up with my PS3 this is the first I finished. This is the sort of game that I haven’t played since the PS2 era and a genre that is missing on the XBOX 360. It is a good change of pace to play a game that is colourfully animated and light hearted. The R&C series is something that I have very much missed by having a Xbox 360 over a PS3 until recently.

Every R&C game has 3 distinctive feature: weapons, humour and platforming. The range of weapons in this game are very satisfying with the disco ball (cause the enemies to break into dance) grenade as my favourite. The humour is fun in the cutscenes and with the range of absurd character and enemies. The platforming can be frustrating in parts, especially in the solo clank levels which don’t have frequent checkpoints.

Ultimately this game is a relaxing enjoyable 10-15 hours experience depending on how much of the collectables and challenges you want the collect. I didn’t feel the need to collect everything as the only incentive is alternate character models for Ratchet.


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