Completed Games – Little Big Planet

DeveloperMedia Molecule

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date – 3/11/2008

Genre – Platformer

Little Big Planet is a pure left to right platformer with the difference of 3 different horizontal planes you can switch between. It is definitely an imaginative and innovative game that was well deserving of the multitude of awards it received in 2008. It was a joy to play through all of the developer created levels and I am looking forward to finding out the best community created levels to play. The music stood out to me as special in contributing to the atmosphere of the game.

However by playing the much hyped Sony exclusive over a year after its release I felt I missed out on one aspect. The multiplayer aspect was touted as the best part of the game but it is shame I couldn’t reliably get into any online games with others. But it may be due to my location (Australia) which could cause a laggy experience. One other minor problem I had was with the precision of the jumping. A game shouldn’t have its key mechanic be such a problem.


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