Completed Games – Killzone 2

Developer – Guerrilla Games

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date – February 27th 2009

Genre – FPS

I am surprised at how quickly attention has fallen for a game that was released just under a year ago. With the multiplayer I did not have any problems getting into games but there were only a couple of active games running. I also feel that the sales of the game have been good (est. 2+ million) but not amazing as you would expect based on the amount of hype and marketing involved. It could have been due to the period it was released or the position of the PS3 at that time. However Killzone 2 really kicked off the PS3’s great year and I’m sure people are still picking it up like I did. Especially since it is discounted to Sony’s platinum hits range.

I finished the single player in around 6 hours and then went back to get the collectibles I missed (another 2hrs). So far I have spent 4 hours playing the multiplayer which I thought was fun and an innovative. The twist is that match modes are mixed up within a map, you can start of with a standard team death match but after one round it immediately switches to a different mode. Other than multiplayer the best part of the game would be the graphics, the gritty sci-fi world and weapons are something I haven’t seen so fully realised in a video game before.

I have only one complaint which involves the shooting mechanics. They are decent but I felt there is a lack of accuracy when compared to other FPS. Maybe I’m just not used to playing a FPS on the PS3 after years on the XBOX360.

On a side note I found out that Guerrilla Games was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in December 2005 and is a fully owned subsidiary. I though it was amazing how quickly this Dutch game developer rose from obscurity to become one of Sony’s premier development studios. Their next project is assumed to be Killzone 3 which could be out this year and it will be interesting to see how they improve the game.


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