Completed Games – Mirror’s Edge


Publisher Electronic Arts

Release Date – November 13th 2008

Genre – First person action/adventure

Finished in around 7 hrs, but spent much more replaying it, getting trophies and playing through the time trials. Enjoyed it a lot, it is a very different type of game mixing elements of platforming and first person action. I would call it a hardcore parkour simulator, you have to time your jumps, runs and turns perfectly to make it through the game. It is very much different to Assassins Creed where all the platforming in comparison is automatic. I really like almost everything about the game, the art style, concept, music, graphics are all well done.

Only complaint is with the combat. It was frustrating experience to constantly die and replay a section due to this. Enemies with guns will kill you very quickly since you are not given enough options offensively or defensively to deal with them. The fighting itself is inaccurate and simple although it does reflect the character who would not stand a chance in most situation unless handled tactically. Maybe some sort of non-lethal weapon for Faith needs to introduced for the sequel.

This sort of game is something you rarely see from an established developer, it was a brave move that did alright for EA and DICE (estimated 1.5 to 1.75m sold). The end of the game is very open for a sequel but given EA and DICE shying away from taking big risks it would be hard to imagine a sequel would be coming anytime soon. EA has confirmed a sequel is in development but with DICE working on Battlefield: BC2 and the multiplayer for the new Medal of Honor game it would probably not be out until the end of 2011.


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