Completed Games – Resistance Fall of Man

Developer – Insomniac Games

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date – November 17th 2006

Genre – FPS

Resistance: Fall of Man was a launch game for the PS3, and went on to become the first game to sell a million for the system. Now playing it just over 3 years after its release does it still hold up?

Compared to more recent FPS games such as Killzone 2 and COD:MW you can clearly see how much evolution has occurred in graphics, animation of movement/reloading, cover and other aspects. The way health works in Resistance is also very old-fashioned. There are 4 bars of health which only recharge up to the nearest bar so you have to rely on health pickups to survive. The checkpoint system is also different and frustrating in that you can often die and have to replay 5-15 minutes to get back to where you were. Playing through Resistance has made me understand the need for cover and full regenerating health in more recent FPS.

Despite all the changes since the release of Resistance it still is an enjoyable game to play through. There is an interesting sci-fi story with awesome events and enemies. The best part is the range of weapons which some are completely different from the standard collection of rocket launchers, shotguns and assault rifles. The different weapons you pick up from the Chimera can shoot through objects, create shields, bounce off walls and shoot exploding goo balls. Theses weapons change the way you can approach an encounter and brings about variety to the game.

I finished Resistance in around 10-15 hours, longer than most current FPS which are now 6-8 hours.


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