Completed Games – Overlord 2

Developer – Triumph Studios

Publisher – Codemasters

Release Date – 23rd June 2009

Genre – Action/Adventure, RPG

Developed by Triumph Studios, a small-mid sized game development company based in the Netherlands, Overlord II is a sequel to the original game released in 2007. This time it is set in a version of the Roman empire where you as the Overlord try to rule the land. Not much has changed with the only notable additions are mounts for your minions and being able to dominate or destroy towns. The problems with the camera and movement are still present.

I finished the game in around 25 hours but it can vary depending on how much you want to do. It is a much shorter experience if you neglect to collect anything or do any of the side quests. I though it was an enjoyable game although I don’t think I can play through a sequel unless there are major changes made. There are some humourous moments involving elves, baby seals, yeti’s and your minions where in one section your are directed to go club some baby seals while the environmentalist elves try to protect them.

By now the game is extremely cheap and would be worth picking up. If I paid full price for this I would definitely be disappointed. The original game sold reasonably (estimated <500k, mostly on the XBOX360) and I suspect Overlord II has done around the same but spread between PS3 and XBOX360.


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