Completed Games – DJ Hero

Developer – FreeStyleGames

Publisher – Activision

Genre – Music, Rhythm Game

A surprisingly well done take on the rhythm game genre that brings life into the stagnant Guitar Hero franchise.  The main draw of DJ Hero is the focus on dance and hip-hop/rap music and gameplay that surrounds the new DJ turntable controller.

DJ Hero does something very different in terms of the music as all the songs in the game are mixes/mash-ups of two different songs. There are 94 different mixes to play through and most of them are quite good and imaginative in the way they mix up the songs. The wide variety of music include Gorillaz, Queen, Rihanna, Beastie Boys, Jay Z, Daft Punk, Justice, Jurassic 5 etc. Some of the mixes are also done by famous DJ’s such as DJ AM, Daft Punk, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash among others.

The turntable controller is a simple easy to use piece of hardware. It has 3 buttons on the turntable which is fully spin-able as well as a crossfader and knob to change pitch. The guitar hero guitar is compatible with the game on certain songs but it is not a major draw of the game.

I finished the game playing on normal difficulty and getting 5 star on all mixes. I had trouble 5 staring one which took an hour to do, but the key for me was turning on euphoria mode (similar to star power mode) in the hard parts, euphoria mode automatically does the crossfading when on. If you like your challenge in games this one can keep you occupied on the harder difficulties.

If you haven’t picked up DJ Hero it has been heavily discounted and almost the same price as a normal game. In Australia it was discounted to $99 within a month of its release.


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