Completed Games – Flow (PS3)

DeveloperThat Game Company

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date – Feb 12th 2009

That Game Company’s 2nd downloadable game on the PS3 is another art/indie style game that focuses on one idea, controlling the flight path of flower petal to collect more petals and bloom flowers. Flower is entirely controlled with the six axis motion controls of the PS3 controller that is almost entirely dismissed by developers today. The controls work perfectly for the simple purpose of controlling the flower petals by just holding any button and tilting the controller.

Playing Flower is much more of an experience than a game. You are treated with beautiful visuals, soothing music and comforting feedback in terms of sound effects and controller vibration. The tone does change as the game progresses by conveying an environmentalist view through the contrast of nature and man-made structures and ruins.

Flower is a great game to show off a different style of game to those who don’t play too much games. It is easy to pick up and play and it lasts around 3 to 4 hours in length.


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