Completed Games – Infamous

Developer – Sucker Punch

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date – May 26th 2009

Genre – 3rd person action, open world

Initially in the first 15 minutes of the game I wasn’t impressed. I was being guided through a tutorial, the jumping felt off and I didn’t like the art style. But once you’re set free to do whatever you want the game starts to get more interesting. The first moment when you’re on top of a tall building and start jumping around was where it started to click. When you mix acrobatic traversal and fighting enemies you start to think about all the cool things that you could do.

The basic plot of the story is that you (Cole) have been exposed to a Ray Sphere that has given you the ability to use electricity in different ways. This has caused a huge blast of energy demolishing all the buildings in a part of a city causing anarchy and the government has sealed the area from entry/exit. From then on you are finding out what has happened to you and why. The fighting mechanics are electricity based which is basically force powers. You can do attacks like electric shocks, shock waves, bringing down an electric storm (my favourite power) which gives the game plenty of variety in the way you approach combat. Your basic attack is the electric shock which mechanically is similar to shooting a gun in any third person shooter where it zooms in to an over the shoulder view for you to aim and shoot.

The other big feature of the game is the karma system. The game keeps track of whether you do bad or good actions with a meter where there are three different levels of each side you can accumulate up to. Some of the missions have specific points where it is up to you to choose which way you want to act. There are different upgrades for your powers depending on you karma and naturally if you’re evil the more destructive and deadly your powers are. However I played my usual role in games of being good and still had a lot of fun. In addition to combat upgrades throughout the game your movement capabilities grow. You will be able to quickly get around by grinding power lines and gliding in the air.

The graphics are heavily based on the comic book style. I thought the game initially looked average since it was a bit jaggy and bland, but the style grows on you. It really is impressive when you are on top of buildings and can see into the distance without any blurry textures or pop-in.

Some of the problems I had were more frequent than normal amount of crashes and bugs. Sometimes the game just freezes or you fall through the ground for no reason at all. The story is also not very good which was made worse by the terrible voice acting and dialogue. Another minor annoyance is that there wasn’t an option in the menu to turn of rumble which happens anytime you grind a power line or rail line.

It is quite a long game if you want to do all the side missions and get the collectibles, but is at least 10 hours long if you just blast through the story missions. The game is a platinum hit, so it is now cheap to pick up. Give it a try as it has some fresh game play ideas and mechanics in a fun open world environment.

My Gameplay Statistics

88% Completion.

All districts, dead drops (story audio logs) and missions completed.

349/350 blast shards, 19/21 stunts, 52 powers and upgrades.

So frustrated at missing 1 blast shard, I have no idea where it is. Game developers should just point out where the last few remaining ones are since the player is just going to get frustrated and put down the game and never come back. If a player has gone to the trouble of getting lets say >95% of a collectible just show us where the rest are.


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