Completed Games – Battlefield Bad Company (PS3)

Developer – DICE

Publisher – EA

Release Date – June 23rd 2008

DICE was known as the developer of the super popular PC game Battlefield 1942 but over the years it has moved towards releasing games on all platforms with a focus towards the Xbox 360 and PS3. Battlefield Bad Company was the game that solidified DICE’s presence on the consoles with a strong single player game as well as their trademark multiplayer gameplay. Their latest BFBC 2 was released in May of this year and has many people declaring it their console FPS of choice preferring it over the frenetic pace of COD:MW2. The multiplayer in BFBC 1 is still somewhat active as I got some decent games in but if you are looking to play multiplayer pick up the more recent game.

The single player of BFBC starts with you joining a “B team” in the army  consisting of 4 other misfit soldiers. You are sent in to do missions given to you by command and are often seriously outnumbered. During your missions you come across gold and take advantage of the situation to find the source of it held by a legendary mercenary outfit. Ultimately the story is of little consequence and serves as set up to the main draw of the story which is the humour and banter between your team.

The game is more open world than I thought, each level is a huge map with linear goals but you are free to roam around and explore. There are multiple ways to approach combat, by vehicle or engaging in long-range or short-range combat. I really appreciated the opportunity of the large amount of sniping as I like to deal with situations from afar and then close in to eliminate the leftovers. There are also aerial approaches with air support and helicopters, which mixes up the variety in combat in the latter stages if the game. However my favourite vehicle in the game are the different tanks and I don’t think any other game does tank combat as well as the Battlefield games.

Another major feature of the game are the destructive environments. Most buildings can be partly destroyed (around 75%) and since you encounter many enemies defending from buildings it allows you to  instead of just aiming at them through little windows you can blast away their cover. The health system is non regenerating and utilise you switching to a syringe which restores your health.

The collectibles in the game are smartly done as they are just the different weapons you can pickup or find from the enemies. The gold is the other collectible and actually makes sense in terms of the story, unlike other FPS’s.

Played through twice on normal and hard collecting all weapons and gold. If you haven’t played the original BFBC yet you can pick it up for cheap (around $10) and easily get sufficient enjoyment out of this two-year old game.


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