Recommendations: Critter Crunch (PS3)

Developer: Capybara Games

Release Date: October 2009

Genre: Puzzle

Canadian independent game developement studio Capybara Games has had an impressive rise in popularity with their fresh take on the puzzle genre. Capybara Games started as a mobile game developer and first came into critical recognition with the release of Critter Crunch on the iPhone in 2008. For the PS3 it has been upgraded with a more fleshed out adventure mode, beautiful HD graphics and online multiplayer.

The puzzling premise is simple, feed smaller critters to larger critter and collect the jewels to fill up a hunger bar. You need to feed two critters to pop a larger critter which also pops the connected critters of the same type. I think the key addictive nature of the game is that you are free to move the critters as much as you want to easily set up large combo. The only pressure on you is the occasional addition of new lines of critters moving towards you. The other genius part of the game are the items and special critters which only help you make larger combos. There can be some epic moments where you create a huge chain clearing most of the screen.

The game plays smoothly even online with versus or co-op multiplayer. The great thing about the online versus is that you always have a chance to defeat opponents who are highly ranked if you play smart and get lucky with items. The other modes of the game just add more to do with some harder puzzles and challenges. There is a lot to do here for a cheap downloadable game and is well worth picking up on the PS3 even if you have played the iPhone version.

Next up from Capybara is a PS3/XBOX 360 upgraded version of their critically acclaimed DS game Might and Magic Clash of Heroes. It is another creative puzzle game and should be released sometime this year.


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