Completed Games: Pure

Developer – Black Rock Studios

Publisher – Disney Interactive Studios

Release Date – September 16 2008

Genre – ATV Racer

Pure was Black Rock Studio’s first game for Buena Vista Games (now called Disney Interactive Studios) after they where acquired in September 2006. Pure was met with critical and commercial success and set Black Rock up as a studio to watch out for. Their recently released racer Split/Second has again been critically praised and commercially it looks like it will have the same consistent long run of sales.

Black Rock Studios are a studio that only make racers. In the past they have made ATV games and the MotoGP games and with Pure they return to the off road ATV racing genre. As expected the game has solid racing mechanics but the x factor this time are the inclusion of easy to pull off tricks. Much like your favourite snowboarding and skating games the trick system is the key to the game and the tracks help this with plenty of over the top jumps. Tricks fill up your boost meter but as this meter fills you can pull off more complex tricks which fill your meter faster. So there is tradeoff of using the boost or waiting to fill up your meter. The fun comes from the satisfaction of pulling off large trick and boosting your way to first place.

The physics of the way the ATV moves and reacts from jumps and crashes are a big part to the solid feel of the game. Underlying the easy to play gameplay it can get very technical as you can build you own atv from scratch by choosing the parts you want. You need to build or choose the right vehicle for the race type or you won’t have any chance placing in the race. There is plenty of challenge in the latter stages but overall it is a fairly easy racer that is rarely frustrating which is perfect for around 10 hours (if you wan to gold medal all races). It is extremely cheap to pick up now ($5) and there is no reason to not pick it up even if you only play for a couple of hours.


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