Completed Games: Pixeljunk Monsters (PS3)

Developer – Q-Games

Release Date – December 6 2007

Q-Games Summary – Developer Q-Games are an interesting company, they are located in Kyoto Japan and consist of a mix of Japanese and western staff. Their frontman Dylan Cuthbert worked with British game developer Argonaut Software to help create Starfox with Nintendo which was the first 3D polygon game for the SNES. Q-Games was founded in 2001 and have worked on a number of games for Nintendo handheld systems, PSP and PS3. They are also a technology company and are credited with helping create the XMB interface for the PS3 menus.

Pixeljunk Monsters was Q-Games’ second game for the PS3 after Pixeljunk Racer. It was much better received than their first game as it was based on the popular tower defence genre. Each successive game in the Pixeljunk series been more creative as Q-Games have really made their mark on the downloadable console game scene.

The twist to the tower defence genre that Pixeljunk Monsters had was that you controlled a character who could move around the map to build towers, collect coins and upgrade towers. It created an extra depth to the game by keeping you busy instead of just placing towers and waiting for each wave to be destroyed. The game was very much like a puzzle game in that you had to choose the right tower to place in the right location in order to perfectly complete a stage. I completed all the trophy challenges which were certain goals for different maps such as amassing a certain amount of coins or only using certain types of towers. Like all Pixeljunk games it had a high quality art style and the music was suitably relaxing.

This a game that is worth picking up if you have any interest in the genre but otherwise I suggest picking up Q-Games later games Pixeljunk Eden and Shooter. Eden and Shooter are just on a higher level quality wise and have much more action in them.


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