Completed Games: Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Developer – Evolution Studios

Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date – October 2008

British developer Evolution Studios excels at pushing Sony hardware graphically with their racing games, first with the WRC games on the PS2 and then with the first MotorStorm on the PS3. It was no surprise that they were acquired by Sony in 2007 which led them to continue to improve the MotorStorm franchise. Pacific Rift is the second in the series and is much more of a complete game with varied tracks, vehicles and environments.

I have to admit I didn’t completely finish this game, I never seem to be able to completely finish racing games, which probably means I’m not very good at them. The last 25% of the races are brutally hard and I just don’t have the patience to beat them. I tried but it was taking me at least half an hour trying over and over before I could even place in race. However I did enjoy the game before this point, enjoying most the the graphical spectacle of racing through the lush environments.

The feel and mechanics of the the driving are solid but there are a few things that will frustate most people. First of all I crashed quite often since a lot of the tracks are narrow and there are a lot of opponent vehicles which can knock you out. This is especially frustrating if you are a smaller vehicle like an ATV or motorbike which are not that much faster than the larger vehicles. The other thing that is both a positive and negative is that the tracks are interesting as there are many turns, jumps and hilly terrain but this makes the game much harder since it is unpredictable and it is tough to memorise a good route through the tracks.

Evolution Studio’s next game is MotorStorm Apocalypse and seems to shake up the formula by setting it in an urban environment.


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