Completed Games – The Chronicles of Riddick: Assualt on Dark Athena

Developer – Starbreeze Studios

Publisher – Atari

Release Date – April 7 2009

Starbreeze Studio burst on the scene with “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay” an excellent movie tie-in game back in 2004. It was critically acclaimed by reviewers and has since earned a cult classic status. This game is a HD update which includes a new single player scenario and multiplayer modes. It is always strange playing a game released a while ago as we gain perspective of the changes in games over time. While we have seen massive changes in graphics and fluidity of controls one thing that holds up is the story telling in this game. The intimacy of the first person story-telling in this game is something that has rarely been replicated since.

The game is a stealth action game which gives you choice in how you play, you could take a sneaky approach or go the all action route. The best way to play it now would be to go completely stealthy as the shooting controls are now antiquated. Playing the game stealthily still holds up but this is probably due to the fact that there aren’t many games in the genre. The general atmosphere and environments are cool and gives a better insight of this created world than I ever got from the movie. The game remains strong throughout to the end which is surprising since movie tie-in games are on strict deadlines and usually taper off after the first few hours.

The new single player scenario “Assault on Dark Athena” is more action focused and linear. It is a decent expansion on the original concept of the game and brings into focus some cool futuristic weaponry and enemies. Story wise it is continues on from the end of the original game and focuses on the taking down of Revas, an adversary of Riddick.

This is a game I would find hard to recommend to the average gamer but if you are more experienced and looking for a story driven game yo can’t go wrong picking this up.


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