Super Meat Boy Review

Developer – Team Meat

An amazing 2D platformer made by a small independent team who put in an enormous amount of effort in creating an indie masterpiece. Available on XBLA or PC.

This is a rare game that will hook you in despite being brutally hard. Usually these types of game have a high level of frustration that would turn off most gamers except for the extremely dedicated. But the frustration is dampened by zero downtime when you die, you just instantly start back at the beginning of the level. Also levels are very short where most can be completed in less than a minute. The other important feature of the game that keeps you playing, instead of abruptly shutting down your system, is that there the visual reward of seeing each attempt at completing the level played back all at once.

This is a game that embraces skill and perseverance. While it is a simple platformer there are little tricks you need to use to complete levels. The modification of your run speed and jumps, movement in the air or using the sliding on the walls to your advantages are just the basic techniques you need to master. The game is split up into levels but within each level there is a light and dark world. The dark world is optional and is a much harder modification of the light world levels. But even more challenging are hidden stages within the levels where the graphical styles changes to an old school 8 or 16 bit style.

Super Meat Boy has a certain charm that only an independent developer could get away with. The story scenes are low-budget flash animations but still manage to covey whatever emotion they are trying to invoke. Another thing that only an indie dev could do was include special playable characters from other popular indie games. Each of these characters have a unique ability that changes up the way you play the game.

It is easy to recommend this game because of its low cost but the enjoyment you get depends whether you are the type of gamer that enjoys a challenge in you games.


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