Too Human Review (Xbox 360)

Developer – Silicon Knights

Publisher – Microsoft Game Studios

Release Date – August 19 2008

Silicon Knights before this game developed the classic horror game Eternal Darkness on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2002. In 2004 they collaborated with Konami to remake Metal Gear Solid also for the Gamecube.

Too Human is a game that started development on the Gamecube but the rights were bought by Microsoft in 2005. The game has had massive changes in concept and game play throughout the years and was originally designed to be a trilogy. It’s easy to say that the long development cycle contributed to the dated feel of the game but I can’t think of any other reason to explain why the combat in this game is plain bad. It’s always tough to recommend a game that plays poorly as it is the single most important part of a game and fundamental to a player having fun. But there are some qualities in Too Human that may interest some gamers.

I found the design of the world and environment quite interesting as it is a futuristic world ruled by Norse Gods. The game is grand in scope and deals with serious themes, in fact the game takes itself very seriously and a lot of work is put into the story scenes. The game is an action RPG and so loot is important; there is a multitude of armor, weapons and cybernetic upgrades which helps in keeping you playing. I like the RPG elements of the game as it gave the game some depth and was a welcome break from the monotony of the combat.

The way the combat is controlled is almost all with the right analog stick, point the stick towards the enemy and you glide, yes glide not run, to the target and hit the enemy without feeling much weight in your actions. You just fight waves of waves of robots, and later undead robots, with very little variety or combos. There are elements of Devil May Cry as you can juggle enemies with your gun but it is not nearly as flexible or fun to do. And to make things worse the camera sometimes gets in your way.

The game ends very abruptly, I have rarely seen such a anticlimactic end to a game. They should have just let the credits roll just after the final mission and put the ending story section as the stinger. The ending left the game open for a sequel but given the sales performance it is unlikely that we will see a Too Human sequel.


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