Splinter Cell Conviction Review (XBOX 360)

Developer – Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher – Ubisoft

Release Date – 13th April 2010

Stealth Action Masterpiece

Splinter Cell Conviction is a supremely impressive game that seems to be forgotten in the mass of games released in 2010. It is a complete game filled with content all done with excellent production value. The most impressive feature of the game is Ubisoft’s approach to story telling where they try to make it as seamless as possible and do things that work well in video games. Ubisoft really tried to innovate how you can convey a plot and they should definitely be commended for doing it successfully. The way the game does this is through projecting videos and objectives on the environment. This makes the story unobtrusive and as interactive as possible which is in sharp contrast to the other big stealth action game Metal Gear Solid 4 or every other RPG game which still rely on dialogue and cutscenes. Ubisoft should also be commended for making a game that is most of the time black and white as this is the way they decided to show that you were hidden in the shadows. It was a bold move graphically and really makes this game unique.

Underneath all the gloss of story and graphics is the polished game play making me forget how complicated previous Splinter Cell games have been in comparison. Fundamentally it is a stealth game but the shooter mechanics are good enough that the game could also be considered a shooter. It has also taken cue from shooters with the adoption of context sensitive actions which greatly simplify the game and lets you focus on avoiding or taking out the enemies. The great thing about stealth gameplay is that it provides variety and choice in how you approach the game even though the game may be linear. It’s a challenge to try and sneak around but it is not frustrating because if you are spotted you have plenty of offensive options to take care of yourself. My way of playing was to take out every enemy quietly either with a silenced pistol or a sneak takedown attack. I enjoyed coming up with a strategy in how I approached each new area as the game gives you multiple options such as going above via pipes or outside via windows & ledges or drawing attention by shooting out lights.

Now that it is the end of the year and all these end of years awards are starting to pop up on websites I found it strange that very few are mentioning Splinter Cell Conviction. I had to double check that it was even released this year. It certainly wasn’t a low key release, Ubisoft went to great lengths to make sure they put out a game they were happy with. The only reasons I could think of would be the sheer amount of other good games that came out this year. Splinter Cell Conviction is a well though out package with lots to do in single player, co-op missions, challenges (which give you points to upgrade weapons) and different single/multi player modes. Its lack of recognition may be due to the critic not having the time to get into all the game modes which is just as lengthy as the core single player missions. Splinter Cell Conviction should be up there as game of the year along with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach and COD Black Ops.


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