Demon’s Souls Review

Developer – From Software

Publisher – Namco Bandai (Europe)

Release Date – June 25 2010 (Europe)

Demon’s Souls is an action RPG that differs from others in that it is extremely challenging. This is definitely not a game for those who can’t handle difficult games. There isn’t any handholding and it is quite non-linear where you will need to use the official guide page to lead you through the game and help you understand how things work.

The game consists of five world each with three demon’s you have to defeat, you can go about this any way you want after you defeat the first demon. The demons range from large mythical creatures to legendary warriors and require you to find the best way to defeat them. All the demon’s have weaknesses and all it takes is to formulate a strategy to take them down. This is where the guide at helps save time and frustration. The challenge of the game isn’t just the bosses, the regular enemies you encounter throughout the worlds are all challenging if you don’t take the right approach to take them down. You can’t just hack and slash your way through the game, you have to take you time, block and wait for an opening or else you will quickly die.

Demon’s Souls does creative things with multiplayer that are unlike anything else before. While the game isn’t an MMO it has many elements of them. As you play you see notes all over the ground that other players have left that give you information about treasures, enemies or where to go next. This is a great addition because it almost eliminates the need to constantly check a guide for making sure you are going the right way or getting all the treasures. The second innovative thing is that you can touch bloodstains on the ground and see how other people have died. This tells you to be cautious or indicate areas that you shouldn’t fall from. One other cool feature is that if you in human form (when you die you go into a soul form with reduced health until you kill a demon again) other players can invade your game and you are pitted against them in PVP. The game can be played entirely in single player or you can allow a friend to join for co-op.

It took me 50 hours to complete the game and once you do you automatically start a new game plus with harder enemies but with all you same stats and gear. I played though as a magician which is a viable class to play as because you can keep your distance from enemies and fire spells at them. And when they get close there is this spell called firestorm which is extremely powerful and will make boss battles a lot easier. You know if you like a game like this and I would be uncomfortable recommending it to people who don’t know what they are getting into.


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