Rant – The Need to Think the Worst (Negativity)

As a person with an optimistic personality I have a huge pet peeve about negativity and pessimism in the media. Culprit number 1 are the journalists and bloggers who are often reading too much into things, making tidbits of news into unnecessarily negative headline grabbing articles.

This is the problem of of website revenue directly correlated to the number of hits. People who do this are thinking that they are putting out some sort of clever insight but are usually just projecting their biased opinion or announcing to the world their ignorance on a subject. Sure, people can have opinions but there isn’t a need to do this on a large high traffice blog or news site. Just leave it to a more a dedicated or personal website (or to a side section of the main site) and have articles based first on facts and not knee jerk opinions. The format of most blogs nowadays of just 100-300 words isn’t enough to get an opinion across, you should have justification based on you background and knowledge and I would prefer if people clearly stated this so we can understand their point of view. I have stopped reading many sites (and moving on to other more professional sites) because of this even though I quite like a lot of their content.

The need to think the worst was especially apparent to me in all the discussion about the management changes at Google and Apple. There are many reasons why things happen but with publicly traded companies they is a legal obligation to truthfully communicate to investors for regulatory reasons. What they say should definitely not be dismissed before you go on and make crazy predictions and speculation. By leading articles with your speculations you are distorting the truth of the matter and causing an over reaction. People need to keep their emotions in check and wait until the signs are more clear before spouting off their theories.

Journalists, bloggers and writers have some sense of moral backbone and keep this attitude in check before you peeve off your readers. Don’t be afraid to be just report the news or write articles from a well informed perspective instead of going with what is easier, being negative and snarky.


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