Trenched – The next downloadable game from Double Fine

At the Game Developer’s Choice Awards Double Fine Productions announced their next downloadable game showing off an introductory trailer. It is going to be a third person mech action game and described by studio founder Tim Schafer to be a “manly game“. This is a departure from their previous two dl games, Costume Quest and Stacking, which have been primarily cute and charming. It is nice to see Double Fine try different genres with each of these games with this game taking a more combat focus. From the trailer the mechs look highly customisable, a standard feature of any mech game, with a variety of visual modifications and weaponry.

Microsoft Game Studios will publish the game and it will be exclusive on the Xbox Live Arcade. No word on whether it will come out later on the Playstation 3.

See more screenshots on the official site and a handheld video capture of the trailer from GDC (via Joystiq).


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