Completed Games – Saints Row 2

Developer – Volition Inc.

Publisher – THQ

Release Date – October 14 2008

With the third game in the series being released later in the year, I wanted to give this game a go before it becomes outdated. Over the years I’ve heard so much praise for the Saints Row series as being the fun over the top version of GTA. And that is what Saint’s Row 2 is about, open world mayhem without the focus on characters and story of the GTA games.

I had fun initially with the variety of crazy things you can do but after around 10 hours, I had to power through the game disregarding all the side missions. There certainly is a lot to do if you want to but a lot of the time it is just driving around. The driving mechanics and physics could be better but it is fun as you can make 90 degree turns instantly at high speeds.

I give it a lot of credit of for being more streamlined and less frustrating that a lot of other open world games. As many cars as you want can be stored in a garage, along with access to any weapon you have picked up is available at your crib. You can also completely customise your look, cribs and cars which can lead to some hilarious combinations.

There are some cool scenes and missions now and then, but playing it now the actual combat, shooting and melee, is only average and doesn’t have the substance that makes it enjoyable all the way through. It can be pretty frustrating and monotonous as you get to the latter missions even though there are checkpoints. You have to make sure you are fully equipped with enough ammo or else it’s going to be tough taking down the stream of gangsters and cops coming at you.

If you like the idea of playing an over the top GTA 3 style open world game then give it a try but don’t expect too much. Other games like Volition’s own Red Faction Guerilla as they try something different with more enjoyable action and dynamic environments.


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