Free IOS App Alert – Chu Chu Rocket and Panopticon

Dreamcast fan favourite Chu Chu Rocket is free today for iPhone and iPod touch, while the iPad version remains priced at $5. Originally developed by Sega’s Sonic Team and lead designer Yuji Naka Chu Chu Rocket is a puzzle game where the aim is to lead mice (Chu Chu) to rockets by placing arrows. There are also cats on the stages you have to avoid or direct into holes in the stage. There is robust multiplayer modes which made the original game so unique as it was one of the first online games for consoles. While the game is better suited for the iPad due to the need to precisely place arrows on a grid it is still definitely playable if you don’t want to pay $5 for the iPad version.

Next up is Panopticon an iPad only game which I thought was also worth mentioning. It instantly felt unique as it utilised the large screen area of an iPad and multi-touch to create a puzzle game of a different kind. The aim of the game is simple enough as all you have to do is drag discs to matching holes but the catch is that you have to do this by moving all the discs at the same time. There are obstacles you have to avoid as well while working out how to best move the discs all at once.


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