Completed Games – Red Faction: Battlegrounds

Developer – THQ Digital Warrington and Volition

Publisher – THQ And Syfy Games

Free for Playstation Plus members in April, Red Faction Battlegrounds is a top down vehicle combat game that is simple to pick up and play but offers very little depth and re-playability. The key to these sort of games is the multiplayer and for me it was hard to get a game and when I did the connection was patchy (but being in Australia this is often not solely an issue with the game).

There is a good range of training missions and mode variations which serve as the single player. This has some depth there if you are like me and absolutely have to get a gold medal in each mission. It controls fun enough if you get used to the way the vehicles maneuver and your main weapon can shoot far distances if there is some sort of line of sight. The pickup power ups are pretty standard varying from mines, health, and shields. There is the signature singularity bomb weapon which you might recognise if you have played Red Faction Guerilla. It sucks in enemies and eventually explodes which does offer some freshness to the experience. The other change to the standard formula would be the destructible environments which most of the time also explodes and plays a big part in quickly taking down enemy vehicles.

It doesn’t really ties in with the story so I wouldn’t recommend this game if you are looking for that in between game between Guerilla and the next in the series Armageddon. It really is an average game which is so often the case with spinoff titles.


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