Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version – 3DS eShop launch title

Mega Man Legends 3 was announced back in September of last year for the Nintendo 3DS, it was a long-awaited return to the cult favourite spin-off of the Mega Man series. Today Capcom revealed that they are going to release a sort of preview of the full game for the 3DS eShop, and will be one of the first downloadable titles for the system. It will introduce a new character, Barrett, and give players the chance to contribute to the development of the full game. Fans have already been contributing to the game via Dev Room events at the site and in general Capcom are being open about the dev process. Interestingly enough this 3DS eShop release will be a version of Mega Man Legends 3 that is still early in development and even give you access to a debug menu.

I’m looking forward to this game as the reason for why I will pick up the Nintendo 3DS. I remembered playing through parts of Mega Man Legends series on the PC, as it was pretty creative with it’s open world action RPG gameplay. I think I might even go back and see if there is a way to play these games on a modern PC, I know there are PSP ports of the games but were only released in Japan.

The full official press release

After years of waiting, the new installment of Mega Man Legends draws closer with Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version! Available as a download, Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version will be a launch title when Nintendo eShop opens for business.

Mega Man Legends 3 is the first Capcom game to be co-developed by the fans. Prototype Version gives players the first taste of Mega Man’s upcoming open-world action/adventure game, and lets them see a game still early in the development process. It also introduces a new character to the franchise, the reckless leader of a sky biker gang, Barrett.

Be the first to try out his new close combat gameplay style, and see first-hand some of the fan contributions to the game come to life. Also, once you have finished the core missions, receive access to areas of the game not yet finished, as well as a debug menu that gives you special moves and abilities.

Once you experience the game, let your voice be heard by heading to and join the community of Servbots who are helping design the game. Get insight into what it takes to build a game, learn about the development process, and interact with the members of the Development Team themselves. But most importantly, be creative. No matter how large or small your idea is, you have the chance to see it come to life and get your name in the credits of the game!


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