Completed Games – Costume Quest

Developer – Double Fine Productions

Release Date – October 20 2010

A distinctively styled Halloween themed game which started off Double Fine’s foray into downloadable console games. A bit of the appeal of the game is lost to me as the Halloween culture doesn’t resonate with me but the simple adventure/RPG gameplay is fun enough for the 6+ hours of the game.

The premise of the game is that you play as a kid on Halloween night and your sister/brother (depending on who you choose) is kidnapped by candy stealing monsters. If it weren’t for the cute child friendly art style this would be a pretty grave situation. As you go on an adventure to save your sibling you fight by transforming your costume into its fully realised large scale representation such as robots, ninjas, knights or something silly like french fries. The RPG style is turn based and you have pretty much one choice of attack for each of your party members, a button or timing based chance to boost attack power and again for defending. There is very little variation in strategies but it can get tough later on where you will have to utilize your special powers effectively to win a fight. If you lose a fight you just pop back to before the encounter, so it is very user-friendly.

The adventure part of the game is probably the biggest draw as it is open world in the sense that you can do side missions and collect stuff along with the main story missions. The story itself isn’t anything special but there is a certain level of polish to this game that makes it more than tolerable. I like what Double Fine are doing with these downloadable games which explore a single idea that doesn’t need to be full game. It allows them to express their creativity with an original concept and hopefully they are finding an audience with this.


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