Free IOS App of the Day – Unpleasant Horse


A universal app published by casual gaming pioneer PopCap games under a spinoff development label (4th and Battery). The aim of this label is to be an outlet for all the creative game ideas within PopCap that doesn’t entirely fit with the PopCap label or seal of quality. The game came about during PopCap’s first game jam event where employees formed small teams and picked a randomly generated name from a hat to create a game from in 24 hrs. In a couple of weeks it was made it into a full game and was temporarily delayed due to a ratings mishap with Apple.

The aim of the game is to guide this horse from falling to its death by tapping on the environment. You get one jump to safely land on a cloud or you can catch a bird to gain another in-air jump. Landing on another horse allows you to glide for a while. It’s a simple game, perfect for touch screens and mobile devices and partly contributes to why this isn’t a full blown PopCap game. The other big reason is because of the violence and gore when you horse eventually falls.

Looking forward to seeing what the people at PopCap do next, I hope it’s something more like Plants vs Zombies in style.


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