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Impressions: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta

Right now if you are a Playstation Plus member you can download and play the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta for a few weeks before the public gets access to it. I had fun playing the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta but the multiplayer in Resistance 3  is a much bigger selling point for the game and could make or break a buying decision. The game was not instantly fun but once I got familiar with the layout of the maps and the special abilities I could see a place for it in the heavy FPS lineup at the end of the year. The key is the crazy weapons and abilities that Resistance is known for mixed with low respawn times making it more action packed that previous Resistance games (I’ve only played the first Resistance multiplayer).

The two sides you can play as are Human and the Chimera, each play slightly different and have different abilities but nothing that special that makes it unbalanced. For example the Chimera melee attack is a lunge while for humans it is the standard weapon butt. There are 2 types of abilities you can equip (support & tactical) and 2 types of attributes (personal & combat). A support ability is a deployable (bubble shield, ammo beacon) while tactical abilities are for example the ability to create a doppelganger to appear next to you confusing opponents or a lightning shield around you to stun enemies. Personal atributes range from larger ammo clips to showing enemy footprints or the annoying leapers that burst out of you when you die. Combat attributes are things like allowing 2 starting weapons or increasing health.

There is a levelling system which allows you to spend skill points into upgrading a weapon’s abilities. The M5A2 Carbine for example has upgrades for a bayonet attachment and an options to alt fire 3 grenades at once. There are also kill streaks which can be used in combat if you get a certain amount of kills in a row, and unlike COD they don’t disappear when you die. So you can get a 3 kill streak, die and still have the option to use the kill streak ability which is a cloak for Chimera and a shield for humans. The 6 kill streak is the powerful rail gun like Augur. I haven’t encountered more than 6 yet but I’m sure there is more.

After about 4 hours I can say that I really enjoyed my time even though all the additions make it feel very much like Call of Duty. But the setting, weapons and abilities make it different enough that I think Insomniac Games will find a dedicated multiplayer audience base. This might even be a day one purchase for me if the single player holds up.